Starting a Movement

Restaurants, projects and events are all about time and place but a movement resonates for much longer. We have been patiently gathering resources and waiting for the right time and now all of a sudden were three weeks into it. Hanai was developed as the platform to explore and learn and where this pop-up started as a project it has already lead to questions and ideas far beyond the kitchen and dining room. Our ideology behind food, beverage, service, agriculture and community are the driving forces behind Hanai which have already and will hopefully continue to attracted other like minded individuals.

We are humbled by the initial response and hope that those who see, feel and taste a difference with us share not only what we are doing but also find paths within their own lives to accomplish things they are passionate about. The liberation of being apart of something that you truly believe in makes all the difference. This path wasn't paved when we started and is showing it's beauty as we go in ways we never expected. As we get further down the path less traveled we hope to share our resources and information so that others can become apart of the solution. Knowledge through mentorship has been a fundamental of community and anything we can share either personally or through connecting you to our support network is there for those who desire.

Can't wait to continue being apart of such a rewarding, positive and informative experience.