Letter from a Guest who is now part of the team


  I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Hanai this evening. I was blown away. I haven't experienced the feeling I encountered in your restaurant since I left the mainland. I'm certain you know what I'm referring to. That warming sensation that occurs in the gut when you discover something unique. What you guys are doing here reawoken my appetite for food that's created out of love. Something I didn't think I would experience again after leaving California. I wanted you to know what you are doing is inspiring. If there is any way you could find a spot in your creation for someone who shares a similar love for the art food. I would be honored to volunteer my weekends to what you guys are doing. I have no formal culinary experience. I have worked in restaurants as a younger man. And Imagine my self a proficient home cook. I get an immense amount of joy creating food and presenting it to loved ones. Anyways I want to thank you again for the feelings given to me tonight. And if you are fully staffed no worries. You earned yourself an appreciative regular.