Opening a restaurant in less than a month

We did it, we conceptualized, developed and created this restaurant in less than a month for under $1,000. The key to making this happen has been true partnerships between all involved. This was initialized by the partnership with Java Kai where they have allowed us the use of their space as a platform to make it happen. So many hospitality organizations seem to safeguard their places of business but aren't maximizing them for many hours in the day, week, month. This coffee shop for instance shuts down its kitchen at 3 but is open till 9 which to us looked like an opportunity.

Next was the legal stuff business license, tax id, etc. for this the SBDC (small business development center) lead us to a new government site that allowed us to get this together in a matter of days from start to finish.

This was a liberating experience as the thought of owning a restaurant has always seemed daunting especially when it came to money and time it would take to establish. Sure this "restaurant" isn't apples to apples the same as most but it does serve our food to customers when we open our doors and is 100% creatively controlled by us.

We are just now entering week 2 of business and feel wonderful about the last week and look forward to where this will take us.