Where are we going with this...

A question popped to us multiple times each week and a fair question to ask. This inaugural phase of hanai was only through March for a number of reasons, mainly to continue growing. As a part of questioning the menu and values of a restaurant we are also actively questioning the structure. A standard brick and mortar restaurant with 50 seats can cost around $500,000 and not produce returns for the first 3-5 years and then if all goes well only produce 3-10% profit.

The restaurant business is what we've dedicated our lives toward but this equation has always presented a problem for me. We have so far invested only a small amount and see a % return much higher and faster then that, but logistically it can't grow in its current state. This time has also allowed us to get direct customer feedback as to what elements of the food they enjoy most to help guide us in an educated direction.

Now taking those two points of information we are developing Phase 2 of hanai. This means continuing some of the conversations that have happened already and are loaded with possibilities, choosing the right partnership and growing together.

We will continue questioning everything in our sight and hope that you can join us in our current or future capacity and that you also question.