Making Gut Decisions

Stepping outside the comfort zone of a regularly scheduled paycheck while also following a path yet to be traveled simultaneously wasn't initially as difficult as you might imagine. Lot's of the conversations about hanai thus far have been about food and farming but there are a lot of other conversations about business and how we are doing what we're doing. There isn't one easy answer to that but rather a series of decisions that continue which resoundingly have one thing in common, they feel right.

Both Adam and I have had a vision for food on Kauai not only being better but being amazing. During our years here we began laying the infrastructure to make that happen, in different but complimentary ways without even knowing it. The conversations with farmers, the studying of how to create products normally outside a Chef's vocabulary and stepping back to see when the puzzle had enough pieces to be assembled.

The time has come where not only Kauai is ready but so are we and that was the catalyst for hanai. Exploring as many options as possible and accepting rejection as boundary not an final answer we have both been testing the waters for years. When we finally heard yes it wasn't a break through more than a confirmation that the time had come.

We have both had to stay focused and absolute in our concept and in doing so many more doors are now opening leading to braches of this project that were hidden a month ago. As we enter the following months and years of hanai listing to what feels right and acting upon it will remain a key component on where it goes.